Igniting your child’s imagination…

A Child’s Garden aims to provide customers with an alternative to the big chain toy stores of today which are filled with plastics, electronic gadgets, violent themes and poor quality toys and staffed by people who have little knowledge about the merchandise they are selling or the children they are selling to.


A Child’s Garden is overflowing with open-ended, natural toys that delight children and adults alike and enhance their world of make-believe. We are dedicated to bringing safe and developmentally appropriate toys into your home. Whether you are buying a toy for your own child or as a gift for another, we can help you find the toy that best suits their age, temperament and interests. We have an incredible variety to choose from!

Safe and Ethical Toy Makers

Our staff knows the companies that supply all of our toys. We can tell you where they were made, what they were made with, and how to contact the manufacturer. Many of our toys are handmade, and we strive to buy toys only from ethically and environmentally responsible companies. All of our toys and stuffed animals are made from safe, non-toxic materials and they are more durable than most commercial items. We are proud to share all of this information with you in more detail at any time.


We specialize in high-quality children’s literature, and it is important to us that our library is eclectic and multi-cultural. From board books to picture books to short stories & folk tales, we have the classics and the latest new prints that are sure to delight again and again. Our owner, Kate, has a long time addiction to children’s books, and she gets pure joy out of matching the perfect picture book to reading families!


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